Do you feel like you want to do more to help Ukraine and Ukrainians? 

We are starting volunteer work in Western Ukraine, est. 150 kilometres from the Poland border.

Our volunteer work includes for example:

  • Sorting, packaging and sending/possibly delivering humanitarian help to the frontiers for civilians, hospitals, and soldiers.
  • Teaching English to the local youth.
  • Weaving camouflage nets.
  • To produce small batches of food to be sent to the front lines.
  • To work comprehensively together with the village community and other international organizations in all necessary tasks according to the expertise and strengths of volunteers.

We are ready to accept volunteers from June onwards. We provide accommodation for volunteers in exchange for a small fee to cover expenses.


If you are considering volunteering, remember the facts.

There is a war in Ukraine, and even though the battles are being fought in the east, the whole country is at war. We can not guarantee your safety; you are responsible for it yourself. We also do not insure volunteers. We recommend that you get yourself an insurance and make sure that it is viable in Ukraine.

Volunteers commit to working for a minimum of two weeks, with the ideal duration being one month. Tasks are tailored to everyone’s skills, and there is no obligation to undertake anything deemed dangerous.

You are to arrange and cover the costs of your travel to and from Ukraine. However, we can assist you in planning your trip and arrange to pick you up from the nearest city upon your arrival in the country. It is beneficial for you to have at least a basic understanding of the English language, as the volunteer community is international, and we primarily communicate in English. Being a part of an international community also offers a great opportunity to improve and learn new languages.

And even though a well-made plan is half done, things and situations can change rapidly. We are here to assist and adjust our plans and actions according to the needs of Ukraine and Ukrainians. Therefore, consider in advance how you can manage with some uncertainty and changing circumstances! Both are sure to occur.

Accommodation in Ukraine is communal, and you may share a room with up to 3 other people. There are separate rooms for men and women. We can not guarantee shared rooms for couples. While compromise is key, everyone commits to adhering to common code of conduct, and each person has their own private space.

Communal living can be stressful from time to time, and personal space may be limited. Consider whether you are willing to be flexible in your habits and to live harmoniously with unfamiliar people for several weeks?

Volunteer work is rewarding and fulfilling, you get to know Ukrainians, perhaps learn the language, provide tangible help, and see the results of your work right away. There’s a strong sense camaraderie among volunteers, and the community always lends a hand, as we all share a common goal.


When filling out the volunteer application, you provide us with personal information. Learn more about how we handle your personal data in our privacy policy.